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How many SARMS are out there?

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So how many SARMS are out there? A lot more than you think.

We sell the most popular (not from Chinese sources) but here is a list as by SARM name and pharmacophore.

1 S-1 arylpropionamide
2 S-4 (Andarine) arylpropionamide
3 S-9 arylpropionamide
4 S-22 (Ostarine) arylpropionamide
5 S-23 arylpropionamide
6 S-24 arylpropionamide
7 LGD-2226 quinolinone
8 LGD-2941 quinolinone
9 LGD-3303 quinolinone
10 LG-121071 quinolinone
11 S-40503 tetrahydroquinoline
12 S-101479 tetrahydroquinoline
13 S-49288 tetrahydroquinoline
14 JNJ-28330835 phenyl-pyrazol-carboxamide
15 BMS-564929 hydantoin
16 JNJ-37654032 benzoimidazole
17 RAD140 phenyl-oxadiazole
18 AC262536 tropanol
19 ACP-105 tropanol
20 LGD-4033/VK 5211 pyrrolidinyl-benzonitrile
21 RAD35010 indole
22 Ly2452473 indole
23 FTBU-1 benzoimidazole
24 2-FPA pyridinylmethanamide
25 Compound 6 cyclopentyl-benzonitrile
26 Compound 15 phenoxypropanoyl-indoline
27 Compound 17h pyrrolidinyl-naphthonitrile
28 Compound 17j pyrrolidinyl-naphthonitrile
29 Compound 17m pyrrolidinyl-naphthonitrile
30 GLPG0492 (DT-200) diarylhydantoin
31 GLPG0634 diarylhydantoin
32 MK-3984 phenylmethanamide
33 NEP28 thiophene
34 MK-0773 steroidal
35 Cl-4-AS-1 steroidal
36 TFM-4AS-1 steroidal
37 YK-11 steroidal
38 S-42 steroidal

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